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At The Meat Society we believe that the best quality beef comes from animals raised in a truly free-range environment - with access to rich pastures for feeding and without the addition of hormones and antibiotics to produce the best possible meat from happy, healthy cows. This gives our grass-fed beef and cuts of steak their amazing taste. All of our beef is wet aged for at least fourteen days, so you get the best steak and a fantastic mature taste that compliments how we treat our produce every time.

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At our online butcher you can select from a number of our grass-fed beef cuts such as rib eye steak, whole beef rump, eye fillet for healthy paleo meals, porterhouse steaks, whole grass fed scotch fillets and steaks, tenderloins, beef burgers, famous wagyu beef, sirloin, pure lean beef mince, beef chuck, handmade sausages and so much more. You can even add your favourite extras to our meat packs to personalise your order. No matter what your choice, we’ll have your order sent straight to your door via our refrigerated courier and protected in our insulated Cold Smart boxes for free.

If you are ready to experience some of Australia’s best cuts of meat, The Meat Society is the perfect place to buy your grass fed beef online, feel free to set up an account with us so that you can add items to your online cart, move through the checkout process faster with our 2-minute checkout and view all of our weekly meat deals.

Whether you’re looking for a meat delivery in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane having a Meat Society pack at home removes the question of where to start when making the perfect meal, whether it’s for a weeknight dinner with the family, an afternoon BBQ or a weekend dinner party with friends.

For any questions you may have, contact us at any time via email and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible. Otherwise learn how it works or see what others are saying. We look forward to serving you here at The Meat Society!


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